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Work- related stress is the biggest occupational health problem in the UK, costing organisations/employers in Britain in excess of £530 MILLON a year, this is according to studies done by HSE.GOV.UK.

An estimated 75% of all illness is stress related.

SAS cargo estimate a financial saving of £2000 per MONTH when their employees receive reflexology.

The welsh government has set up a scheme called CORPORATE HEALTH STANDARDS, it as been set up to help improve health and wellbeing within the workforce and organisations. They award companies with prestigious bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.

What is corporate reflexology?
Corporate reflexology is a treatment given in the workplace, this then benefits both the employer and employee. It is specifically designed to improve and maintain health, fitness and the wellbeing of your workforce and is tailor made to the individual and their needs.

How can corporate reflexology help?
Corporate reflexology can help reduce the cost and burden of ill health.

Benefits for you
Speedy recovery and return to work after sickness, enhanced concentration, efficiency and effectiveness, more motivated and productive employees, fewer health problems, improved morale of workforce between staff and management, saving money through healthier work force with less sick days taken, and steps towards corporate health standards awards.

Happy employees like what they do and if they like what they do they do it better!

Benefits to staff.
Improved health and well being, more relaxed in work and less stressed, convenient no traveling issues, feel valued by company, improved morale, happier working environment.

How corporate reflexology works.
You pick the package that you would like, there is a brief disclaimer to be completed by employees which will take a few minutes before their first treatment, all equipment is provided. LMJ reflexology will bring their own chair, creams, wipes and paper work. Leaflets and advice will be provided and also feedback forms. Treatments can last 15/20/30min or even an hour depending on how you want to spend the time provided and how much time you want to allow staff.

Corporate Packages
options are
fully subsidised by you the employer £30 per hour min 1 person 1 hour session
2 people 30 min session
3 people 15 min session
partially subsidised by the employer £20 per hour staff £10per hour session
£5 per 30min session min 2 staff
£5 per 15min session min 3 staff
Paid fully by your staff just time given off £30 per hour paid by staff
£20 30min
£15 20min
£10 15min
Min of 2 hours plus travelling
Max of 7 hours plus travelling

Packages work on regular basis
One off well being days
Rewards for staff
Team building
Introduced to employees on long term sick which can be at business premises or home visits.

Please don't hesitate to call to discuss any corporaten packages and options.

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